E3 2014

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long break between posts. Anyways this week has been great so far! In case you didn't know, E3 2014 has been going on. The Sims 4 has an official release date which is September 2nd, 2014!!! EA also uploaded a new trailer which you can watch by clicking here. I went ahead and pre-ordered the physical version of The Sims 4 Premium Edition on Amazon. I figured if I was going to spend $80 on a preimum edition that I should go with the physical copy that way I can actually flip through the fancy art book while still getting all the cool digital rewards. In case you're wondering what comes with the premium edition I'll put a picture of it's contents below.

Speaking of premium editions, Persona Q is also getting one! I pre-ordered that as well and on top of that I went ahead and pre-ordered the Destiny PS4 Bundle. So yeah... I'll be spending quite a bit of cash this Fall thanks to all these awesome video games coming out. I loved Nintendo, EA, and Sony's conferences this year at E3. So not only am I getting The Sims 4 and a PS4 in September but I am also going to Japan in September! I recently booked my flight and I'll be there from September 16th until October 2nd. I'll hopefully be attending Tokyo Game Show 2014 while I'm there!

As most of you might know I'm currently in Vegas but I'm moving back to California really soon. Things just didn't work out the way I thought they were going to when I was in Utah. My roommate was awesome and we got along great but with him being super busy at work I was pretty much home alone most of the time. It was getting really lonely and depressing and I couldn't really stand it anymore so I've decided that it would be best to move back home. But I'm glad I at least tried out Utah because now I won't wonder about how it would have been if I didn't try.

Again, it's been a while since I've made a post... so in case you didn't know I have been pretty busy on YouTube. I started and completed Let's Plays of Dreadout, Clock Tower 3, and Mario Kart 8. I've also been going steady with videos of The Sims 3 Combined. The third season is coming really close to an end and then the fourth and final season of The Sims 3 Combined will start. Here's links to all the videos since the last blog post.

The Sims 3 Combined Season 3


Clock Tower 3

There is a highlights video of my first Tomodachi Life stream which can be found here. I also have been streaming Tomodachi Life and a lot of Mario Kart 8 at my twitch page, Twitch.tv/AndrewArcade as part of my 2 Year Twitch Challenge. 

Anyways that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

Sweet Loot

Hey everyone! So in case you did not know I have started a two year challenge at Twitch this week. So far it's been going great and so many of you have subscribed to me on Twitch, so thank you very much! Once I reach 100 subscribers on Twitch I'll be able to submit two new emoticons for all the subscribers to use so I'm incredibly excited for that. I'm going to have one of the emoticons be the blue spiny shell from Mario Kart since I stream that pretty often and also one of Crystal Maiden from Dota 2, which I stream occasionally.

By the way I am now a Loot Crate partner! Pictured above was April's theme "Dragon"... which included a lot of awesome stuff from Skyrim and Game of Thrones. May's theme is going to be "Adventure" and there is going to be stuff from The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, and Adventure Time!

If you're not familiar with what Loot Crate is, it's a monthly subscription where you get a assortment of items delivered straight to your door step! If this interests you please go to www.LootCrate.com/AndrewArcade and use the promo code "arcade" at checkout! You'll get a discount, cool stuff in the mail, and you'll support me as well! Also each month you have a chance to win a Mega Crate that has a lot of awesome stuff!

I've uploaded a handful of new videos and also wrapped up a couple series on my YouTube page, here area all the new videos since last time!

I finally wrapped up my Animal Crossing and The Sims Let's Play so currently I just have The Sims 3 Combined Season 3 going. I think in the next week or two I may possible start my series of Clock Tower 3. I took a peek at other people who have played through that game on YouTube and it seems to be about 13-15 parts, so it will be a relatively short series. Also at the end of this month Mario Kart 8 comes out! So I will most likely be doing a short Let's Play of that as well. Plus I will also be streaming that game a lot on Twitch.

By the way you should really buy Mario Kart 8 sooner rather than later because in America and Canada Nintendo is having a special promotion where you get Mario Kart 8 and 1 free digital download! You get to choose from New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Party U, Pikmin 3, and The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker HD!

Anyways that is all for now and I will see you all next Friday!

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

2 Year Twitch Challenge

Oh hi! So if you follow me on twitter you've probably seen my tweets that looked like a bunch of random numbers. Well each number I tweeted out was related to the length of two years. This is because I will be doing a two year Twitch challenge!

This was inspired by Twitch user Lethal Frag, who started and completed his own two year Twitch challenge a couple years ago.

So what is a two year twitch challenge?
Starting April 28, 2014 I will be streaming at least once a day for 730 Days. This will all take place at www.twitch.tv/andrewarcade! So be sure to make a Twitch account and follow me so that you can get e-mail notifications when I go live. I will also continue to give a heads up on Twitter and YouTube when I'm about to begin streaming.

As of right now I don't have a set schedule but I'm going to try to start most of my streams around 4PM PST for at least a couple hours. Now don't worry!!! This doesn't mean YouTube will be completely out of the picture. I'll still be updating my YouTube page and I will most likely begin to upload stream highlights to my YouTube account as well.

Now I am making some house rules for missing a day of streaming:

  1. If the Twitch website is down for an entire day I will not count it against me and I'll just add another day to the challenge to make up for that lost day.
  2. If the weather in Utah obstructs my internet connection either by a long black out or if the ISP has to perform maintenance for over a day, I will not count it against me. I'll just add another day to the challenge to make up for that lost day.

Basically if something is out of my control I'm not going to count it against me and the challenge will go on. Now if my PC happens to crap out... which is very possible since I have the worst luck. I will get it situated as soon as possible. In fact I'm saving up money to buy a laptop as a backup for streaming. I may also get a PlayStation 4 in the near future so I can stream directly from the console and have another backup.

I hope you're all excited as much as I am! In case you aren't familiar with Twitch I do a have a subscription feature where viewers can optionally subscribe to me for $5 a month to directly support me and Twitch. So if you enjoy the streams please consider subscribing if you can, it helps me out a lot with getting better equipment for streaming. Of course this is 100% optional but you do get some cool features like access to special emoticons in all the Twitch chat rooms and also a sweet joystick badge next to your name in my chat room. To my current subscribers I'm sorry I haven't been streaming in the past month but I am prepared to make it up to all of you with this two year challenge.

Overtime I imagine I'll get common questions about the challenge... so I'll eventually add a FAQ here specifically for the two year challenge. Also once I have more of a routine going on Twitch, I'll try to implement a solid streaming schedule.

If you can't attend the streams live, you can always access the previous broadcasts here:

Thank you for reading and once again be sure to follow me at twitch.tv/andrewarcade to watch the daily streams!

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

Magic Mayhem

Yay it's Friday again! So this past week I've uploaded twelve new videos for all of you. I've managed to finish the Mario Kart 7 Let's Play this week. Some pretty amazing things happened in the final part so I highly suggest that you check it out. As for The Sims let's play, we made a lot of progress! I have shown of all the children's magic spells and charms and I'm almost done showing off all the content with the adult Sims. This means that the series will be wrapping up soon as well. Also if you haven't been keeping up with The Sims series then you're missing out on a lot of hilarious moments and deaths haha. With The Sims 3 Combined Season 3 a bunch of silly stuff has been happening in Roaring Heights... for example there's an ice cream truck that is going around town and dealing drugs to Sims.

Now because Mario Kart 7 has come to an end and The Sims is ending soon that means I will be starting some new projects in the near future. Before I get into that though I do want to mention that I've updated my site a bit. I've added a About Me section which has exactly what you would expect on it and I've also added another new tab labelled Let's Play Series. I plan to put information about my Let's Plays there and I have them all organized by year. As I'm typing this only 2009 is done but I plan to work on the rest this weekend. I mainly wanted to give insight on why I started certain let's plays and also why I have decided to cancel a few in the past.

Now let's go ahead and talk about future plans! I've been wanting to play a survival horror game lately so I think I might start a series of Clock Tower 3 soon. It's for the PlayStation 2 and it's a relatively short game. The good thing about it too is that you don't have to play the previous games to understand the plot. Also even though it's a survival horror game, it's not that scary. Clock Tower 3 also took a chance and tried implementing some pretty unique game mechanics that you don't see in modern day gaming. The voice acting and animations in it are god awful but overall the game is pretty enjoyable and I've just been itching to play it. If I do decide to start it soon I hope you give it a chance. I'm kind of scared to start it because it's not really a game where a lot of funny moments will happen. It will be a much more laid back series... which is kind of weird to say about a survival horror game.

Now I'm also hoping that I'll be able to buy a new HD capture card soon so that I can make a series for Mario Kart 8. People who watched the Mario Kart 7 videos responded really well to it, which made me very happy! I'm not sure how I'll do the Mario Kart 8 series because there's so many characters which means I may not have the opportunity to play with all of them.

Well anyways here are all the videos I've uploaded this week!

Also recently I've been listening to songs from Lily Allen's upcoming album Sheezus. So far I love all the songs I've  heard. She has a cover of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know that is really peaceful, the music video is also really amazing! 

Then of course there's the more upbeat songs like Air Balloon, Hard Out Here, and my personal favorite L8 CMMR. I love that one so much, it reminds me a lot of the band Tom Tom Club. I can't wait for Lily's new album to come out I actually saw her live a few years back and it was so much fun. Wow I haven't been to a concert in ages... well anyways I hope you all have a great weekend!

Charlie has a friend coming over from Chicago for the weekend so I'll be glad to take a break from the computer and explore some new areas in Utah. OH YEA! Do any of you watch Orange Is The New Black? Because they just recently posted a trailer for Season 2 and it looks SO GOOD! Season 2 Trailer.

Okay that's all, bye!

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

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