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Recently I got The Urbz to work with my recording software so I'll be starting up a Let's Play of it soon over at YouTube.com/c/TheArcadeYT! It's been years since I've played the game and I honestly don't remember much about it so it's going to be a blast playing it again! For those of you that are familiar with the game please feel free to provide me with any tips you have.

The holidays and New Year's Eve both passed by since my last blog post, I hope you all had a lot of fun celebrations! My family celebrates Christmas and this year was really laid-back and the smallest Christmas we ever had. Most of our family has become rather distant in the most recent years so it was oddly quiet.

I ordered myself a Figma anime figure of the protagonist from Persona 4 as a gift to myself. So now my Teddie figure will have some company!

New Year's Eve was okay, I got a $5 Little Caesars Pizza that I quickly regretted and ended up celebrating with some of my friends on Twitch. I mainly hung out in Aquamatey's stream where he was singing all night in Rockband 4!

In the past couple of weeks I have also uploaded a bunch of videos on YouTube including Get to Work, Get Together, Speed Builds, Let's Talks, and Fallout 4 parts. You can find all these new videos on AndrewArcade, Andrew1UP, and TheArcadeYT.

I also recorded this crazy long machinima (movie using The Sims) for my Get Together Let's Play and it was so much fun to do! It was really well received and that made me incredibly happy. The Let's Play for Get Together is becoming one of my favorites, it's the most story-driven series that I've done and I'm getting that same rush of excitement of when I first made videos of The Sims 3 back on HeadbuttArcade.

Anyways, hope you're all having a great start to your new year! ♥

New Beginnings

Hey everyone!

I've been pretty busy on YouTube lately and have uploaded about 15 videos in the past week. Within those uploads I've started a couple of new series as well! The most obvious one would be the Let's Play of Get Together which has been a blast to play with so far. I'm loving the social aspects of the expansion pack and it's added so much to everyday gameplay.

It's easily becoming one of my favorite expansion packs. The club system is so detailed and there's endless opportunities there. I hope that The Sims team continues to support the club system for future expansion packs because it's such a robust system and deserves to have continued support throughout the series.

Here is the first part of my Get Together Let's Play:

I've also started to do speed builds on YouTube! It's been a common request for years now, and I have finally decided to give it a shot. I've been having a surprising amount of fun with speed builds. They are definitely way more time consuming and they require a lot of patience and endurance that I don't always have. But whenever I can muster up the energy for building I will definitely take advantage and do my best to keep these speed builds consistent. 

Here is the tudor house that I made:

Here is a club & pub that I created as well:

Then on my other gaming channel The Arcade I've continued my Let's Play of Fallout 4 and it's been so much fun! I'm getting near to the end of the main story and then I'll be able to explore the commonwealth wherever I please. I'm so thankful for the group of people that have been watching and commenting on my Fallout 4 videos, it's a really wonderful and close community that has started on The Arcade gaming channel and it's been awesome discussing the game with everyone there. 

I also have a complete Let's Play of The Park and Undertale on The Arcade

I also uploaded a video yesterday on my other YouTube channel Andrew1UP where I talk about my future plans for my YouTube channels, seeing as how a couple of my Let's Plays are coming close to an end. Because of that it will allow me to start up a few new Let's Plays!

I'm planning on doing a Let's Play of The Urbz which was a spin-off of The Sims. The Get Together expansion pack has me in the mood to play The Urbz again since there are a few similarities between them.

Also towards the end of January the game Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is coming out and I plan to do a blind Let's Play of that too. Then in February is when I return to school so I'll probably have to adjust how frequently I upload around that time. 

Anyways, I hope that you've all been well and I'm very excited to continue forward with all of these brand new projects!

Get Together

I was lucky enough to attend the sponsored Get Together event for The Sims 4 at EA Redwood Shores. While I was there I was able to talk with SimGurus, developers, producers, and other dedicated fans of The Sims franchise. While I was there I had the chance to take exclusive snapshots and video for you all! Below is my 40 minute overview of the expansion.

Here is the album of screenshots I took of the expansion pack:

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Change Is Good

Hey everyone!

Recently I updated my website with a brand new look and feel. If you're reading this on your desktop you should see the amazing brand new artwork by Oskar Vega at the top!

In case you're on mobile this is what it looks like:

You can click here to download it! Oskar also did a bunch of other amazing art for me.

He created new Twitch panels for me:
He also created new portraits of me, these will mostly appear on YouTube thumbnails!

On top of that he also made these awesome animations! (First three in this album)

Moving onto new uploads on YouTube...

I've been super busy on YouTube and I've uploaded 28 videos in the past week all spread out across AndrewArcade, TheArcadeYT, and Andrew1UP.

On AndrewArcade I've uploaded a bunch of new parts for the Get to Work let's play.

I completed Undertale and started my new let's play for Fallout 4 on The Arcade!

Then on Andrew1UP I've uploaded another video in the let's talk series.

Also my birthday is approaching!

I'll be 25 on November 15th. ALSO GET THIS! I'm going to be attending the Creator's Camp for The Sims 4: Get Together! That means I'll be flying to San Francisco to play the expansion pack in advance and I'll be talking to the developers and producers throughout the entire time.

I'm going to be able to ask them just about anything regarding the expansion pack. So please if you have any questions you would like to ask them leave them in the comments section below or tweet them to me @AndrewArcade, www.Twitter.com/AndrewArcade.

Sorry I haven't been streaming too much on Twitch, I've been so busy with all my YouTube content. I'm hoping to implement a schedule soon so I can manage all of my different channels and websites more effectively.

By the way I just want to mention I hope that we don't have any more tragedies. There's been major devastating events in Paris, Japan, Baghdad, Mexico, and Beirut today. I hope that everyone stays safe and sound. My condolences to everyone affected by the tragedies that took place today.

Thank you for reading.

-Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

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