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Hey again everyone!

This week I was really busy on YouTube and I ended up making 15 new videos! Animal Crossing is coming really close to ending. In case you didn't see my latest Animal Crossing part I asked everyone watching what their favorite moments were so I could make a montage of them in the final part. So if you happen to recall anything you thought was particularly entertaining from that let's play please let me know in the comments.

This past week I also started a new let's play of Mario Kart 7, it will be a short Let's Play with 8 parts total. It's been a lot of fun playing through all the cups with different characters and vehicles I normally wouldn't use. If you have watched any of the Mario Kart videos I hope you appreciate the coin sounds haha because those can be some-what difficult to edit in. Speaking of Mario Kart, I seriously can't wait for Mario Kart 8 to come out. If you haven't seen the trailer you really should, it looks incredible. OH YEA! Nintendo revealed a whole bunch of information about Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U this week. But what I'm really excited for is Tomodachi Life which I plan to do a let's play of on my YouTube channel. It's a really quirky and cute life simulator game by Nintendo! It's actually been released in Japan for a while now but they've decided to localize it for American audiences.

Watch the announcement video here
So anyways! Let's move onto what new videos I put out this week...

Haha phew! Quite a lot of videos out there. I'm trying to wrap up The Sims, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Mario Kart 7 all this month. I'm basically trying to play catch up for all the months that I've been gone and then I can start streaming again on my Twitch account. Speaking of which Charlie and I resolved the WiFi problem! My connection is way more faster and reliable now which is such a relief. So what are you guys doing this weekend, anything exciting? I'm about to get some quarters and head on over to the laundromat, super exciting.

Oh also I'm not sure if I'll do this every week or not but what have you been listening to? I've been listening to the new second album by The Pretty Reckless called Going To Hell. I only know of the band because of Taylor Momsen who is the lead singer. She had portrayed Jenny Humphrey in the television adaption of Gossip Girl. I love her singing voice and it really took me by surprise when I first heard it because it was unexpected especially after hearing her as "Little J" in Gossip Girl for so long. Anyways in the new album there is a song titled Blame Me and it's what I've been repeating the most. Here's a link to the song: The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all again next Friday, take care!

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

Delicious New Videos!

Hi everyone! I haven't used my blog in forever, I've decided that each Friday I am going to make a update post informing you on all the new videos and streams that I've been doing. Mainly because I know how unreliable YouTube can be about notifying people about new videos.

I had a YouTube absence for three months for a number of reasons. About three months ago YouTube changed their copyright policies and about 3/4 of my videos ended up getting Copy ID Strikes. I sent in hundreds of disputes and a majority of them failed. Luckily YouTube has resolved that issue recently and only about 4 videos have Copy ID Strikes that I can't get rid of. But that's okay! It's a lot better than having a couple hundred, yikes.

Then in case you didn't know I recently came out of the closet to my family late February. Being gay and in the closet is like having a -50 moodlet in The Sims 3 constantly. It sucks so hard and you feel so depressed. Thankfully my family took the news well and that made me ecstatic. I'm happy that I can finally be myself and if this was in the Persona universe I'm pretty sure I'd get a sweet ass Persona to use.

Then lastly I made a major move from California to Utah! I've been wanting to move out my parents for a while and living in California on my own was out of the question. Just to give you an idea of how pricey it is... a studio apartment would have been about $1,000 a month. That's not including food, gas, internet, and possibly utilities. So I decided to move in with my friend Charlie aka CHRLeeBRWN. Most of you may know him from my Twitch streams. The cost of living in Utah is incredibly cheap especially with a roommate. So I plan to stay here at least a year to try to save up some money to hopefully move back to California where all of my family lives.

Well now I'm settled in Utah and everything has been going great, the only problem is the Wifi in our apartment is very unreliable. This is why I haven't been streaming on Twitch, Charlie is going to call the ISP soon though and hopefully get it resolved because I want to stream a lot! In the mean time I've been trying to make as many videos as I can. I managed to get The Sims 1 working again and my 3DS Capture Card to function again as well! Which means The Sims 1 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Let's Plays are back and almost complete.

Here's a list of links to the new videos I've uploaded this week:

Hopefully you've been enjoying the new videos! It's so fun to revisit the Makin' Magic expansion pack for The Sims. However I feel like such a noob because I forgot how most of the stuff in that game works. As for The Sims 3 Combined, Season 3 is taking place in Roaring Heights with Babs, Buster, Daisy, Luigi Jr, and Paula. I'm so glad that I'm not playing in the town that came with Island Paradise anymore, it lags so much. As for Animal Crossing New Leaf I've been time traveling like mad to catch up on all the holidays I missed. I'm actually very close to finishing that series too, there's just about 4-5 more videos I have to do for it.

Fun fact! I failed English 100 my first time in College and in High School it was one of my worst subjects. So if my posts are hard to read I'm sorry about that! Also feel free to leave any comments in these weekly posts! Whether it's about a moment you liked in one of my videos, if you adopted a puppy, or if you ordered some pizza. I want to know these things. I think as long as you have a Google account you should be able to comment on posts, if you can't comment then please tweet me that you can't so I can look into it. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to continue being active on YouTube. I'm also looking forward to starting my streams on Twitch again, speaking of which I have some pretty big plans for that... but that's for another blog post. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

- Andrew "Arcade" Garcia

The Family Photos

A while back I started the Legacy Challenge for The Sims 3 and live-streamed the entire journey at my Twitch profile (www.twitch.tv/andrewarcade). Chances are you weren't able to watch every single minute of the Thornbeary's lives. Because of that I've uploaded every single screenshot that I took during the legacy on my imgur account. You can access all of the Thornbeary Legacy albums here: andrewarcade.imgur.com

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