Hey everyone!

Recently I went to EA Play for the first time ever which was such an incredible experience. I had attended E3 in the past but this was the firs time I was ever in the audience for a press conference. Unravel 2's announcement was a huge shock and I was stoked to be able to make another Yarny at the booth in EA Play.

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The primary reason I was at EA Play was to play The Sims 4: Seasons in advance and it was so much fun. Out of all the expansion packs this one really blew me away. The new calendar feature paired with the custom holiday mechanic is so much fun to mess around with. Not to mention all the new wonderful weather effects and interactive objects that are added.

You can find the video I made for The Sims 4 Seasons here:

I hope that you've all been enjoying Seasons as much as I have!

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