Recently I've been really into Fortnite: Battle Royale! I've been streaming it a ton on my Twitch channel and it's been so much fun going into battle with a bunch of you. After playing Battle Royale for a couple of months, I decided to look into Fortnite's other mode called Save the World. I was immediately intrigued after watching a trailer. With Save the World, you get to play a ton of different heroes and craft hundreds of unique weapons that aren't in the Battle Royale version. You also get to explore a bunch of randomly generated worlds and participate in several different types of missions and special events that are a lot of fun to go through with friends.

There's also a handful of very well animated cutscenes in Save the World. It's really cool to learn about the lore and world of Fortnite. Plus the voice acting cast is amazing, Ashly Burch who is one of my favorite voice actors plays a major role in the game as Ray, a robot who guides you through your adventures.

You can see my videos of Fortnite here:

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