Recently on my YouTube channel I've been playing through The Sims Mobile which is now available for iOS and Android devices. I've always been very apprehensive about getting into mobile games, because more often than not they are designed with some rather expensive paywalls.

So far I've played the game for about three weeks and I've been legitimately enjoying the game so far. However I do feel some of the micro-transactions are way overpriced and there are a few mechanics in the game that I really hope they change and I go into detail about this in my YouTube series.

The two images above are screenshots of my current household. From my own pocket I've invested $9.00 USD into micro-transactions. If you end up spending any money on this game I highly recommend waiting until a daily deal pops up, the bundle for 500 SimCash and 50 cupcakes I found to be fairly priced.

I would 100% avoid buying any of the item sets in the featured section of the shop, they are simply not worth it at all. Plus you unlock a majority of the sets later on in the game if you keep playing. You're much better off spending your SimCash to unlock all 4 playable Sims that way you can make money in the game much faster.

You can see the first part of my play-through of The Sims Mobile here:

If you play The Sims Mobile you can send me a friend request and see the status of my current household! Keep in mind though I'm already at the 50 friend limit. However after you send me a invite you should see my username at the very bottom of your friends list and you can still view my house and profile there within the game's client. My friend code is: EMGLERA.

Hope you enjoy the series and have a great day / night!

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