Hey everyone! Hope that you've all been well. These past few weeks have been kind of crazy as I finished my move from California to Washington. Thankfully all my new furniture is assembled and I've finished unpacking everything that I need to record and stream! On YouTube I have started two new series and resumed Get Together. First is a let's play of the Dine Out game pack and second is a let's play of the Kids Room stuff pack.

Dine Out is something that I've wanted for AGES so I've been having a blast finally running my own restaurant. Though to be honest I wish you could also work as a waiter, chef, or host. But restaurant management is a blast and I love how many options we can customize from the menus to the outfits that the staff and patrons wear. This let's play also features the Papaya family again which I haven't played with since Outdoor Retreat so it's been a blast revisiting the past.

Normally I don't do let's plays for stuff packs. But wow the Kids Room stuff pack is incredible and in a way it feels like a mini-game pack. There is the new puppet show object that allows children to put on a variety of performances. Then there is my new favorite object called the Voidcritter Battle Station. Your Sim children can now go around and collect cards of Voidcritters which are basically Pokemon. They can then go to the battle station to challenge other Sims to battle with their cards.

I've been getting really into the let's play and I was able to include the community into the series! I selected 40 children that you all submitted to be included into the let's play to represent the different elements of the Voidcritters. I also built a theme park specifically for this let's play and it's been such a blast. This stuff pack has sparked my imagination more so than any other pack and I honestly never expected to have this much fun with this life stage in The Sims 4.

Here's some pictures of the Voidcritter Theme Park that I made:

You can see the start of Dine Out and Kids Room here:

Dine Out:

Kids Room:

Thank you everyone that has been leaving wonderful suggestions in all the videos and a big thank you to everyone who submitted kids for the Kids Room series!

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